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Standard Services

At Integris Staffing, LLC we understand that your staffing needs are unique to your company. We offer a wide range of staffing solutions to meet your specific staffing need. We provide unmatched SERVICE and a solid COMMITMENT to your company’s long-term success. Our strengths are QUALITY associates who meet your specific staffing needs.


Temporary Staffing Services
Special Projects (Short Term or Long Term): Outsourcing special projects of a defined length can help your business determine up-front costs. Plus the temporary associates working on your project can focus their attention on the project at hand and move on to its completion. The hassle of finding professionals who will only work for a limited time can be eliminated when you allow us to staff your special projects

Relief Staff
Most companies try to do what they can to manage the many vacation requests that they receive from their support personnel. Shuffling the workload around to compensate for a missing team member can be tough. At Integris Staffing, LLC we can help to eliminate the headaches and worries that arise from support personnel who will be out of the office for a short time.

Last Minute/ Emergency Staffing Services
At Integris Staffing, LLC we understand that unforeseen staffing issues arise without notice in companies like yours. We have designed a service specifically targeted towards solving this problem for you. If for any reason someone within your company cannot come to work, simply call us and we will have a temporary at your work site in as short as 1 hour from the time you call. This allows for little or no disturbance to your business.

Temp To Perm Staffing
This service is finding the right person who not only does a good job but also fits well in your company can be very challenging. It takes time to find out if newly hired professionals will be a long-term fit. At Integris Staffing, LLC we offer Temporary to Permanent Staffing services. Temporary to Permanent Staffing allows your company to assess a candidate’s fit for a position before offering them for a permanent position.

Direct Hire Staffing Services
High performing employees are generally not actively looking for jobs. They do not take aggressive measures to market themselves. However, most of them will consider new career opportunities. These are the candidates that we provide our clients. At Integris Staffing, LLC we take pride in identifying and evaluating candidates for open positions at companies such as yours. We are able to separate high performing employees from those who are average in skill sets with our four-step process. If you have a strong commitment to excellence in the staff you hire, we can help you. We don’t believe in sending you a lot of candidates… we’ll send you the right candidate who will do the job effectively.

Employee Payroll Services
Our employee payroll services are designed to help eliminate the head ache of managing employee payroll processing and human resources services.