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Staffing Services Benefits

Reduce Employment Costs:

  • No liability insurance covering contractor actions
  • No paid time off, such as: holidays, vacations, sick time, and personal time
  • No administrative costs for hiring such as: advertising, recruiting, interviewing, checking references, and processing employment paperwork
  • No payroll withholdings and deductions to collect, pay, administrate, and report
  • Less training and supervising costs

Staffing Flexibility:

  • Match your staffing levels with your workload and project requirements
  • Maintain company structure through short-term projects
  • Quick hiring process vs. lengthy permanent placement cycle
  • Avoid ballooning your permanent staff for project needs
  • Option to terminate contractors at any time

Sole-Source Staffing Ability:

  • Decrease number of vendors to manage
  • Reduce your administrative responsibilities
  • Simplify staffing fulfillment process
  • One-stop shopping for all your staffing needs
  • Expand your staffing alternatives

Eliminate Payroll Tax Issues:

  • No W-2 hiring process
  • Eliminate federal and state taxes and insurance responsibilities
  • No employee IRS reporting on contract labor
  • No year-end W-2 administration hassles
  • Avoid having to remain current on all tax laws and regulations
  • Avoid exposure to government non-compliance penalties and fees (1099)