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National Accounts

Integris Staffing, LLC can offer you a full array of staffing solutions for your company’s multi-location staffing needs. At Integris Staffing, LLC, we focus on establishing long-term partnerships with companies who share our commitment to quality service. We are dedicated to helping you meet your business goals with comprehensive solutions and an extensive network of recruiters that allows us to react immediately to your needs.

Features and Services
From the onset of our partnership with your company, We designate a national account manager who will assess your company's needs and consult with you to help you select a truly customized, strategic, and cost-saving programs that meet your challenging staffing needs. Our national account manager will also provide ongoing oversight of our staffing services.

Customized Staffing Solutions:
Our goal for each of our clients is to create a customized staffing program that continually meets your specific service needs. Experience, technological solutions, expertise and innovative processes are just starting points for meeting your goal.

On-Site Staffing Solutions:
Integris Staffing, LLC can provide you with a customized, on-site plan to manage your large or multiple work site staffing needs. We provide on-site staffing managers who are responsible for meeting all of your staffing needs.

Eliminate Co-Employment issues:
Working with Integris Staffing, LLC helps protect you from co-employment liability. We offer consultative services to help you understand and comply with labor laws. Our policies and procedures for handling all personnel needs for our temporary employees keep co-employment issues out of your workplace.

Managed Vendor Program:
Integris Staffing, LLC can manage your entire national staffing program, including other staffing vendors and subcontractors. As your "master vendor," Integris Staffing, LLC coordinates all staffing services that are provided to you by staffing vendors and sub-contractors. We ensure their compliance with the terms and conditions of their contracts with you. Integris Staffing, LLC can also provide you with consolidated invoicing, reporting, performance tracking, quality measurements and project management reviews.